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What We Do?

Ready-to-Run Software is an IT Professional Services organization offering a range of capabilities, services and solutions. As the industry leader in cross-platform software implementation and related expertise, Ready-to-Run Software has developed a set of service and product offerings which allow us to satisfy your needs:

  • Software Services - These services represent the core of RTR's business and value to our clients. The underlying engineering, test and software support capabilities and technical comprehension of issues that cross operating system, platform, technology and architecture are central to our mission. If your company has the need to migrate, integrate or deploy software that must be interoperable and run in or across a heterogeneous mix of platforms then RTR can help you achieve the goals that you have set.

  • Porting Center - RTR operates and maintains a computing resource center containing a comprehensive and heterogeneous network of systems. This Porting Center contains over 70 variations of manufacturer and operating system version together with the latest development tools. This hosting facility can be used exclusively by our clients to develop and test software in a new or cross-platform environment.

  • Products - RTR has helped many companies meet their time-to-market and market penetration goals by supporting the introduction of new or upgraded products. In addition, our clients trust RTR to build and maintain a complete version of a product for various platforms. For example, RTR is currently the sole provider of engineering services and support for the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions for UNIX and has also developed a non-Windows version of the Microsoft .NET Passport authentication service.

With worldwide spending for outsourced application development and maintenance exceeding $15 billion (Source: International Data Corporation) representing 29.2% of all spending on application development and 22.4% of application maintenance spending (Source: 1999 Worldwide Benchmark Report By Howard Rubin), clearly today's executives and product managers understand that expertise and experience in application deployment is critical to their success. General software engineering and programming experience is not enough in many cases to correctly estimate and fulfill a successful cross-platform implementation and maintenance effort. RTR is one of the few service firms anywhere with this specific experience and focus.

Cross-Platform Targets

Today’s marketplace is dynamic and demanding.  Software vendors and providers are under increased pressure from their customers and potential customers to satisfy a broad spectrum of computing demands.   

Distinct market segments have emerged which might be categorically distributed as follows:

  1.  Desktop computing systems (dominated by Microsoft Windows®)

  2. Server Platforms (includes Unix, Linux, Windows/NT, Windows/2000, Windows/XP, Netware, AS/400, etc)

  3. PDA's (include Palm Pilot, Windows/CE, Newton, etc)

  4.   Embedded systems 

In addition, there are various language options for implementation under each platform.  Although software vendors and providers will not necessarily have to support each segment, the choices and the resulting market demands can be overwhelming.  RTR is positioned to help you bridge the divide across these segments, as porting and migration become critical dimensions of a winning strategy within today’s marketplace. 

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