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RTR FrontPage Server Extensions for:
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

RTR FrontPage Server Extensions Installation Service

Ready-to-Run Software is pleased to offer:

The RTR FrontPage Server Extensions Installation Service!

Using Remote Installation -- An RTR FPSE Support Staff member will connect to your server and install/configure FPSE and your FPSE license.

You must have purchased your license prior to scheduling the RTR FPSE Installation/Configuration service.

Your first step is to visit the License Information page to determine:

  • The number of sites and subweb groups to purchase.  See How to Count Sites and Subwebs for instructions, including screen shots.

  • Whether your license will be hosted, floating or node-locked.

Let us know if you need help determining your license requirements.

Remote Installation of the RTR FPSE consists of:

  • Installation of RTR FPSE on your server.

  • Configuration of license file(s)

  • Configuration of password file - Hosted license only

  • Installation of the RLM license manager - Floating license only

  • Getting the RLM license manager running - Floating license only

    • Optional: The RLM  license manager can be installed as a service

  • Verification that the Default website can be extended and administered using the RTR FPSE

Remote Installation prerequisites:

  • Access to your IIS server

  • Access to the IIS server built in native administrator account, default user name Administrator, for installation and configuration

    • Domain Controllers do not have a built in native administrator account and therefore installation of the RTR FPSE is not supported on them

    • Installation of the RTR FPSE on a Domain Controller will fail

    • Use of a domain admin or local admin account to install the RTR FPSE will fail to complete successfully, even if no error messages are displayed

  • Access to your license server - Floating license only

  • The FPSE needs to be able to talk to the RTR license server on TCP ports 5052 and 5053 - Hosted and Floating license

    • Port values for the Floating license may be reconfigured

    • Port values for the Hosted license may NOT be reconfigured

  • RTR FPSE license

Remote Installation
will be done using either Windows Remote Desktop **OR**

Visit the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions Shopping Cart and order your remote installation today!


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