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FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

To submit a question to the FAQ, please send email to .

General Information

Who is Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.?

I receive a HTTP 500.19 error when I try to access the FPSE administration page.

I receive a HTTP 503 error when I try to access the FPSE administration page.

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and the FrontPage Server Extensions on IIS7.5.

Forms won't update .mdb files

What users can install the FrontPage Server Extensions?

Which versions of Vista can run the FrontPage Server Extensions?

How do I fix the "_vti_bin" could not be accessed error?

How do I fix Vista Ultimate "internal error"?

How do I fix the "unable to read configuration for Microsoft Internet Information service" problem?

Where can I get support for FPSE?

When I try to install the Server Extensions, I receive "Your system has updates that need to be applied during the next reboot.  Please reboot your system before installing ..." Rebooting doesn't help.  Can you help me?

How do I create a log file during installation so I can review it or send it to support for addition help?

In 64 bit Operating System, why do I get the error: FPSE 2002 on Win 2008 server --> Service Unavailable and the AppPool shuts down?

When I try to download the Server Extensions via FTP using Internet Explorer, I get the 'cannot display the webpage' message.  Can you help?

When I try and install the FPSE02_win2008_vista_rtm_ENG.msi on a 64 bit Vista machine, I get the error message "An internal error has occurred.

I receive a 401.1 error when I attempt to administer my site locally but I can administer the site remotely.

The RTR FPSE download only shows weird text in the browser window

Where (and what) is the _vti_bin directory?

I cannot logon to the FPSE, even using the administrator account.


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