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Tk_GetFont(3)         Tk Library Procedures



Tk_GetFont, Tk_NameOfFont, Tk_FreeFont - maintain database of fonts


#include <tk.h> Tk_Font Tk_GetFont(interp, tkwin, string) char * Tk_NameOfFont(tkfont) void Tk_FreeFont(tkfont)


Tcl_Interp *interp (in) Interpreter to use for error reporting. Tk_Window tkwin (in) Token for window on the display in which font will be used. const char *string (in) Name or description of desired font. See documen- tation for the font command for details on acceptable formats. Tk_Font tkfont (in) Opaque font token. _________________________________________________________________


Tk_GetFont finds the font indicated by string and returns a token that represents the font. The return value can be used in subsequent calls to procedures such as Tk_FontMetrics, Tk_MeasureChars, and Tk_FreeFont. The token returned by Tk_GetFont will remain valid until Tk_FreeFont is called to release it. String can be either a symbolic name or a font description; see the documentation for the font command for a description of the valid formats. If Tk_GetFont is unsuccessful (because, for example, string was not a valid font specification) then it returns NULL and stores an error message in interp->result. Tk_GetFont maintains a database of all fonts it has allo- cated. If the same string is requested multiple times (e.g. by different windows or for different purposes), then Tk 1 Tk_GetFont(3) Tk Library Procedures additional calls for the same string will be handled without involving the platform-specific graphics server. The procedure Tk_NameOfFont is roughly the inverse of Tk_GetFont. Given a tkfont that was created by Tk_GetFont, the return value is the string argument that was passed to Tk_GetFont to create the font. The string returned by Tk_NameOfFont is only guaranteed to persist until the tkfont is deleted. The caller must not modify this string. When a font returned by Tk_GetFont is no longer needed, Tk_FreeFont should be called to release it. There should be exactly one call to Tk_FreeFont for each call to Tk_GetFont. When a font is no longer in use anywhere (i.e. it has been freed as many times as it has been gotten) Tk_FreeFont will release any platform-specific storage and delete it from the database.


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