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Tcl_SetErrno(3)      Tcl Library Procedures                   7.5



Tcl_SetErrno, Tcl_GetErrno - manipulate errno to store and retrieve error codes


#include <tcl.h> void Tcl_SetErrno(errorCode) int Tcl_GetErrno()


int errorCode (in) A POSIX error code such as ENOENT. _________________________________________________________________


Tcl_SetErrno and Tcl_GetErrno provide portable access to the errno variable, which is used to record a POSIX error code after system calls and other operations such as Tcl_Gets. These procedures are necessary because global variable accesses cannot be made across module boundaries on some platforms. Tcl_SetErrno sets the errno variable to the value of the errorCode argument C procedures that wish to return error information to their callers via errno should call Tcl_SetErrno rather than setting errno directly. Tcl_GetErrno returns the current value of errno. Procedures wishing to access errno should call this procedure instead of accessing errno directly.


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