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Tcl_PrintDouble(3)   Tcl Library Procedures                   8.0



Tcl_PrintDouble - Convert floating value to string


#include <tcl.h> Tcl_PrintDouble(interp, value, dst)


Tcl_Interp *interp (in) Before Tcl 8.0, the | tcl_precision variable in | this interpreter controlled | the conversion. As of Tcl | 8.0, this argument is | ignored and the conversion | is controlled by the | tcl_precision variable that | is now shared by all inter- | preters. double value (in) Floating-point value to be converted. char *dst (out) Where to store string representing value. Must have at least TCL_DOUBLE_SPACE characters of storage. _________________________________________________________________


Tcl_PrintDouble generates a string that represents the value of value and stores it in memory at the location given by dst. It uses %g format to generate the string, with one special twist: the string is guaranteed to contain either a ``.'' or an ``e'' so that it doesn't look like an integer. Where %g would generate an integer with no decimal point, Tcl_PrintDouble adds ``.0''.


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