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Tk_WindowId(3)        Tk Library Procedures



Tk_WindowId, Tk_Parent, Tk_Display, Tk_DisplayName, Tk_ScreenNumber, Tk_Screen, Tk_X, Tk_Y, Tk_Width, Tk_Height, Tk_Changes, Tk_Attributes, Tk_IsMapped, Tk_IsTopLevel, Tk_ReqWidth, Tk_ReqHeight, Tk_InternalBorderWidth, Tk_Visual, Tk_Depth, Tk_Colormap - retrieve information from Tk's local data structure


#include <tk.h> Window Tk_WindowId(tkwin) Tk_Window Tk_Parent(tkwin) Display * Tk_Display(tkwin) char * Tk_DisplayName(tkwin) int Tk_ScreenNumber(tkwin) Screen * Tk_Screen(tkwin) int Tk_X(tkwin) int Tk_Y(tkwin) int Tk_Width(tkwin) int Tk_Height(tkwin) XWindowChanges * Tk_Changes(tkwin) XSetWindowAttributes * Tk_Attributes(tkwin) int Tk_IsMapped(tkwin) Tk 1 Tk_WindowId(3) Tk Library Procedures int Tk_IsTopLevel(tkwin) int Tk_ReqWidth(tkwin) int Tk_ReqHeight(tkwin) int Tk_InternalBorderWidth(tkwin) Visual * Tk_Visual(tkwin) int Tk_Depth(tkwin) Colormap Tk_Colormap(tkwin)


Tk_Window tkwin (in) Token for window. _________________________________________________________________


Tk_WindowID and the other names listed above are all macros that return fields from Tk's local data structure for tkwin. None of these macros requires any interaction with the server; it is safe to assume that all are fast. Tk_WindowId returns the X identifier for tkwin, or NULL if no X window has been created for tkwin yet. Tk_Parent returns Tk's token for the logical parent of tkwin. The parent is the token that was specified when tkwin was created, or NULL for main windows. Tk_Display returns a pointer to the Xlib display structure corresponding to tkwin. Tk_DisplayName returns an ASCII string identifying tkwin's display. Tk_ScreenNumber returns the index of tkwin's screen among all the screens of tkwin's display. Tk_Screen returns a pointer to the Xlib structure corresponding to tkwin's screen. Tk_X, Tk_Y, Tk_Width, and Tk_Height return information about tkwin's location within its parent and its size. The loca- tion information refers to the upper-left pixel in the win- dow, or its border if there is one. The width and height information refers to the interior size of the window, not including any border. Tk_Changes returns a pointer to a Tk 2 Tk_WindowId(3) Tk Library Procedures structure containing all of the above information plus a few other fields. Tk_Attributes returns a pointer to an XSetWindowAttributes structure describing all of the attri- butes of the tkwin's window, such as background pixmap, event mask, and so on (Tk keeps track of all this informa- tion as it is changed by the application). Note: it is essential that applications use Tk procedures like Tk_ResizeWindow instead of X procedures like XResizeWindow, so that Tk can keep its data structures up-to-date. Tk_IsMapped returns a non-zero value if tkwin is mapped and zero if tkwin isn't mapped. Tk_IsTopLevel returns a non-zero value if tkwin is a top- level window (its X parent is the root window of the screen) and zero if tkwin isn't a top-level window. Tk_ReqWidth and Tk_ReqHeight return information about the window's requested size. These values correspond to the last call to Tk_GeometryRequest for tkwin. Tk_InternalBorderWidth returns the width of internal border that has been requested for tkwin, or 0 if no internal border was requested. The return value is simply the last value passed to Tk_SetInternalBorder for tkwin. Tk_Visual, Tk_Depth, and Tk_Colormap return information about the visual characteristics of a window. Tk_Visual returns the visual type for the window, Tk_Depth returns the number of bits per pixel, and Tk_Colormap returns the current colormap for the window. The visual characteristics are normally set from the defaults for the window's screen, but they may be overridden by calling Tk_SetWindowVisual.


attributes, colormap, depth, display, height, geometry manager, identifier, mapped, requested size, screen, top- level, visual, width, window, x, y Tk 3 Prepared by Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.


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