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Tk_DrawFocusHighlight(Tk Library Procedures 4.0



Tk_DrawFocusHighlight - draw the traversal highlight ring for a widget


#include <tk.h> Tk_GetPixels(tkwin, gc, width, drawable)


Tk_Window tkwin (in) Window for which the highlight is being drawn. Used to retrieve the window's dimensions, among other things. GC gc (in) Graphics context to use for drawing the highlight. int width (in) Width of the highlight ring, in pixels. Drawable drawable (in) Drawable in which to draw the highlight; usually an offscreen pixmap for dou- ble buffering. _________________________________________________________________


Tk_DrawFocusHighlight is a utility procedure that draws the traversal highlight ring for a widget. It is typically invoked by widgets during redisplay.


focus, traversal highlight Tk 1 Prepared by Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.


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