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Tk_GetPixels(3)       Tk Library Procedures



Tk_GetPixels, Tk_GetScreenMM - translate between strings and screen units


#include <tk.h> int Tk_GetPixels(interp, tkwin, string, intPtr) int Tk_GetScreenMM(interp, tkwin, string, doublePtr)


Tcl_Interp *interp (in) Interpreter to use for error reporting. Tk_Window tkwin (in) Window whose screen geometry determines the conversion between abso- lute units and pixels. char *string (in) String that specifies a distance on the screen. int *intPtr (out) Pointer to location in which to store converted distance in pixels. double *doublePtr (out) Pointer to location in which to store converted distance in millimeters. _________________________________________________________________


These two procedures take as argument a specification of distance on the screen (string) and compute the correspond- ing distance either in integer pixels or floating-point mil- limeters. In either case, string specifies a screen dis- tance as a floating-point number followed by one of the fol- lowing characters that indicates units: <none> The number specifies a distance in pixels. c The number specifies a distance in centimeters on the screen. i The number specifies a distance in inches on the Tk 1 Tk_GetPixels(3) Tk Library Procedures screen. m The number specifies a distance in millimeters on the screen. p The number specifies a distance in printer's points (1/72 inch) on the screen. Tk_GetPixels converts string to the nearest even number of pixels and stores that value at *intPtr. Tk_GetScreenMM converts string to millimeters and stores the double- precision floating-point result at *doublePtr. Both procedures return TCL_OK under normal circumstances. If an error occurs (e.g. string contains a number followed by a character that isn't one of the ones above) then TCL_ERROR is returned and an error message is left in interp->result.


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