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Tk_GetVRootGeometry(3)Tk Library Procedures                   4.0



Tk_GetVRootGeometry - Get location and size of virtual root for window


#include <tk.h> Tk_GetVRootGeometry(tkwin, xPtr, yPtr, widthPtr, heightPtr)


Tk_Window tkwin (in) Token for window whose virtual root is to be queried. int xPtr (out) Points to word in which to store x-offset of virtual root. int yPtr (out) Points to word in which to store y-offset of virtual root. int widthPtr (out) Points to word in which to store width of virtual root. int heightPtr (out) Points to word in which to store height of virtual root. _________________________________________________________________


TkGetVRootGeometry returns geometry information about the virtual root window associated with tkwin. The ``associ- ated'' virtual root is the one in which tkwin's nearest top-level ancestor (or tkwin itself if it is a top-level window) has been reparented by the window manager. This window is identified by a __SWM_ROOT or __WM_ROOT property placed on the top-level window by the window manager. If tkwin is not associated with a virtual root (e.g. because the window manager doesn't use virtual roots) then *xPtr and *yPtr will be set to 0 and *widthPtr and *heightPtr will be set to the dimensions of the screen containing tkwin.


geometry, height, location, virtual root, width, window manager Tk 1 Prepared by Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.


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