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Man Page for COMM


       comm - compare two sorted files line by line


       comm [-123] [--help] [--version] file1 file2


       This  manual page documents the GNU version of comm.  comm
       prints lines that are common, and lines that  are  unique,
       to  two  input files.  The two files must be sorted before
       comm can be used.  The file name `-'  means  the  standard

       With  no options, comm produces three column output.  Col-
       umn one contains lines unique to file1,  column  two  con-
       tains  lines  unique  to  file2, and column three contains
       lines common to both files.

       The options -1, -2, and -3 suppress printing of the corre-
       sponding columns.

       --help Print  a  usage message and exit with a status code
              indicating success.

              Print version information on standard  output  then



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