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   Copyright (C) 1990, 1995 Aladdin Enterprises.  All rights reserved.
  This file is part of GNU Ghostscript.
  GNU Ghostscript is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
  WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.  No author or distributor accepts responsibility to
  anyone for the consequences of using it or for whether it serves any
  particular purpose or works at all, unless he says so in writing.  Refer
  to the GNU Ghostscript General Public License for full details.

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This file, current.doc, describes problems and new features in the current
release of Ghostscript.  This file describes version 3.33 of Ghostscript.

For an overview of Ghostscript and a list of the documentation files, see

New features (since release 3.12)

Note: this is not a complete list of new features.  See the NEWS file for
full details.

The underlying architecture now supports anti-aliased text and graphics.
See drivers.doc for details.  Use the x11alpha device to get anti-aliasing
under X Windows.

Handling of color, especially color images, under X Windows is significantly

If the interpreter was built with PDF capability, PDF files are recognized
automatically by 'run' or on the command line.  The PDF interpreter now
works almost as well as the PostScript language interpreter.

Font substitution is somewhat more intelligent.

New device drivers are available for the Apple Imagewriter LQ, the LaserJet
IIID (including duplex capability via the Duplex page parameter), the Epson
Stylus Color printer, the BJC-600 color printer, and Epson ESC/P printers.

Several new varieties of TIFF are supported (still black-and-white only).

The %Calendar% IODevice, which provides access to the date and time, is now

The PPM driver now chooses between PBM/PGM/PPM on a page-by-page basis,
rather retaining the most general format ever required by any page.  This
produces much smaller output for files where only a few pages have color.

A utility program, wftopfa, is now available for converting the free Wadalab
Japanese font to Type 0 / Type 1 fonts usable with Ghostscript.


On Unix systems, don't edit the file named 'makefile' or the files
unix{ansi,-cc,-gcc}.mak; edit the subfile and run tar_cat.  (See make.doc for
more details.)

The writeppmfile operator is no longer included in standard configurations,
so pstoppm.ps doesn't work.  Use the pbm/pgm/ppm[raw] devices instead.

Because of patent-related actions by Unisys and (at Unisys's insistence)
CompuServe, the GIF drivers have been removed.

Known problems


On a MS-DOS system, interrupting the interpreter by typing ^C doesn't
restore the display mode.


serialnumber returns the same value in all copies.

The realtime operator is not implemented.

User names (a Display PostScript facility) are not implemented.

Some floating point exceptions terminate the interpreter, rather than
producing a limitcheck error.

The DCTEncode filter disregards the Blend parameter, and uses different
QuantTables and HuffTables from Adobe's.

The DCT filters do not support nonintegral sample ratios, and do not allow
Sum(HS*VS)>10, regardless of the value of the Relax parameter.

The size of the execution stack cannot be changed dynamically.  (However,
the sizes of the operand and dictionary stacks can be changed.)

Separation color spaces are implemented, but devices that actually produce
color separations are not supported.  The special color separations All and
None, and the primary separations (Red, Green, etc.), are not supported.

execform and ucache are implemented, but they do not actually do any
caching; setucacheparams and ucachestatus are dummies.  (This only impacts
performance, not functionality.)

setpagedevice and currentpagedevice only look at a fixed, small set of
keys.  See the NEWS file for details.

The image operator only honors the Interpolate flag in the image
dictionary if the combined transformation (ImageMatrix + CTM) doesn't
involve rotation, skewing, or X-reflection.

Graphics bugs

The implementation only looks at the PaintType of the font when doing
show, not when doing charpath.  Because of this, stroked fonts don't work
correctly with charpath.

arcto gives an error for negative radii.

Opening more than one window device at the same time doesn't work.
This is the case for both X Windows and Microsoft Windows.

setpagedevice affects the driver, not just the current graphics state.
Consequently, restore / grestore / grestoreall / setgstate may not undo
setpagedevice properly.

cshow doesn't work with composite fonts.

Non-graphics bugs

The %statementedit pseudo-file is equivalent to %lineedit.  As a
consequence, the interactive interpreter requires that every statement fit
on a line, i.e., you can't have an unpaired (, {, or <.

The following operators that expect arrays won't accept packed arrays:
	definefont (Subrs (type 1 fonts))
	setdash (dash pattern)

Syntax errors occurring within a binary token do not produce the error
message specified by the Adobe documentation.

restore doesn't restore the user parameters.

1 vmreclaim is equivalent to 2 vmreclaim -- there is no separate GC for
local VM.


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