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Man Pages for DLTD


       dltd  - dumb little telnet daemon




	-a	next argument is passed to shell
	-f	specify alternate CreateProcess flags
	-n	carriage returns send newline also
	-p	specify alternate port (default 23)
	-P	specify alternate passwd file (default c:\passwd)
	-s	specify alternate shell (i.e. bash.exe)
	-v	version running


dltd is a limited telnet daemon. When invoked it allows telnet connections to your Windows/95 or Windows/NT machine. There is almost no security. If you create a c:\passwd file (alternate files are possible with the -P option) containing a clear text password, dltd will prompt the user for a password before granting access, otherwise connection to the machine is automatically given a shell which is "owned" by the user invoking dltd. By default starts command.com with Windows95 and cmd.exe with WindowsNT.


To run dltd with bash as the "default shell", try:

     start dltd -n -s C:/RTR/bash.exe -a -i


dltd does not work properly with cmd.exe under WIndows/NT.


    dltd was written by Ready-to-Run Software, Inc. 1995

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