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Man Page for ECHO


       echo - display a line of text


       echo [-ne] [string ...]
       echo {--help,--version}


       This  manual page documents the GNU version of echo.  Note
       that most shells have a built-in command by the same  name
       and with similar functionality.

       echo writes each given string to the standard output, with
       a space between them and a newline after the last one.

       -n     Do not output the trailing newline.

       -e     Enable interpretation of the  following  backslash-
              escaped characters in the strings:
              \a     alert (bell)
              \b     backspace
              \c     suppress trailing newline
              \f     form feed
              \n     new line
              \r     carriage return
              \t     horizontal tab
              \v     vertical tab
              \\     backslash
              \nnn   the   character  whose  ASCII  code  is  nnn

       When GNU echo is invoked with exactly  one  argument,  the
       following options are recognized:

       --help Print  a  usage message on standard output and exit

              Print version information on standard  output  then
              exit successfully.



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