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Man Page for RCSDIFF


       rcsdiff - compare RCS revisions


       rcsdiff  [ -ksubst ] [ -q ] [ -rrev1 [ -rrev2 ] ] [ -T ] [
       -V[n] ] [ -xsuffixes ] [ -zzone ] [ diff  options  ]  file


       rcsdiff  runs diff(1) to compare two revisions of each RCS
       file given.

       Pathnames matching an RCS suffix  denote  RCS  files;  all
       others   denote   working  files.   Names  are  paired  as
       explained in ci(1).

       The option -q suppresses diagnostic output.  Zero, one, or
       two  revisions  may  be  specified  with  -r.   The option
       -ksubst affects keyword substitution when extracting revi-
       sions, as described in co(1); for example, -kk -r1.1 -r1.2
       ignores differences in keyword values when comparing revi-
       sions  1.1  and  1.2.   To avoid excess output from locker
       name substitution, -kkvl is assumed if  (1)  at  most  one
       revision  option  is given, (2) no -k option is given, (3)
       -kkv is the default  keyword  substitution,  and  (4)  the
       working file's mode would be produced by co -l.  See co(1)
       for details about -T,  -V,  -x  and  -z.   Otherwise,  all
       options  of  diff(1)  that  apply  to  regular  files  are
       accepted, with the same meaning as for diff.

       If both rev1 and rev2 are omitted,  rcsdiff  compares  the
       latest  revision  on  the  default  branch (by default the
       trunk) with the  contents  of  the  corresponding  working
       file.   This  is  useful  for determining what you changed
       since the last checkin.

       If rev1 is given, but rev2 is  omitted,  rcsdiff  compares
       revision  rev1  of  the  RCS file with the contents of the
       corresponding working file.

       If both rev1 and rev2 are given,  rcsdiff  compares  revi-
       sions rev1 and rev2 of the RCS file.

       Both  rev1  and  rev2 may be given numerically or symboli-


       The command

               rcsdiff  f.c

       compares the latest revision on the default branch of  the
       RCS file to the contents of the working file f.c.


              options  prepended  to the argument list, separated
              by spaces.  See ci(1) for details.


       Exit status is 0 for no differences during any comparison,
       1 for some differences, 2 for trouble.


       Author: Walter F. Tichy.
       Manual Page Revision: 5.5; Release Date: 1993/11/03.
       Copyright (C) 1982, 1988, 1989 Walter F. Tichy.
       Copyright (C) 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Paul Eggert.


       ci(1),  co(1),  diff(1),  ident(1),  rcs(1),  rcsintro(1),
       rcsmerge(1), rlog(1)
       Walter  F.  Tichy,  RCS--A  System  for  Version  Control,
       Software--Practice   &   Experience  15,  7  (July  1985),



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