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Man Page for RSH


     rsh - remote shell


     rsh -Kdnx -k realm -l username host


     Rsh executes command on host.    Rsh copies its standard input to
     the remote command, the standard output of the remote command  to
     its standard output, and the standard error of the remote command
     to its standard error.  Interrupt, quit and terminate signals are
     propagated  to  the  remote command; rsh normally terminates when
     the remote command does.  The options are as follows:


     The -K option turns off all Kerberos authentication.


     The -d option turns on socket debugging (using setsockopt) on the
     TCP sockets used for communication with the remote host.


     The -k option causes rsh to obtain tickets for the remote host in
     realm instead  of  the  remote  host's  realm  as  determined  by


     By  default,  the  remote username is the same as the local user-
     name.  The -l option allows the  remote  name  to  be  specified.
     Kerberos  authentication is used, and authorization is determined
     as in


     The -n option redirects input from the special device


     The -x option turns on DES  encryption  for  all  data  exchange.
     This may introduce a significant delay in response time.

     If  no  command is specified, you will be logged in on the remote
     host using rlogin.

     Shell metacharacters which are not quoted are interpreted on  lo-
     cal  machine,  while quoted metacharacters are interpreted on the
     remote machine.  For example, the command

     rsh otherhost cat remotefile >> localfile

     appends the remote file remotefile to the local file localfile  ,

     rsh otherhost cat remotefile ">>" other_remotefile

     appends remotefile to other_remotefile .




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