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Man Page for SMBRUN


       smbrun  - interface program between smbd and external pro-


       smbrun shell-command


       This program is part of the Samba suite.

       smbrun is a very small 'glue' program,  which  runs  shell
       commands for the smbd daemon (see smbd(8)).

       It  first  changes to the highest effective user and group
       ID that it can, then runs the command line provided  using
       the system() call. This program is necessary to allow some
       operating systems to run external programs as non-root.



          The shell command to execute.

          The command should have a fully-qualified path.


       The PATH variable set for the environment in which  smbrun
       is  executed  will affect what executables are located and
       executed if a fully-qualified path is  not  given  in  the


       The location of the server and its support files is a mat-
       ter for individual system  administrators.  The  following
       are thus suggestions only.

       It  is  recommended  that  the smbrun program be installed
       under the /usr/local hierarchy, in a directory readable by
       all,  writeable  only  by root. The program should be exe-
       cutable by all.  The program should NOT be setuid or  set-


       This  man  page  is (mostly) correct for version 1.9.00 of
       the Samba suite, plus some of the recent  patches  to  it.
       These notes will necessarily lag behind development of the
       software, so it is possible that your version of the  pro-
       gram  has  extensions  or  parameter semantics that differ
       from or are not covered by this man  page.  Please  notify
       these to the address below for rectification.


       smbd(8), smb_conf(8)


       If  smbrun cannot be located or cannot be executed by smbd
       then appropriate messages will be found in the smbd  logs.
       Other diagnostics are dependent on the shell-command being
       run. It is advisable for  your  shell  commands  to  issue
       suitable diagnostics to aid trouble-shooting.


       None known.


       The  original  Samba  software  and related utilities were
       created by Andrew  Tridgell  (Andrew.).
       Andrew  is also the Keeper of the Source for this project.

       This   man    page    was    written    by    Karl    Auer

       See  smb_conf(5)  for  a  full  list  of  contributors and
       details of how to submit bug reports, comments etc.



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