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Man Page for SMBSTATUS


       smbstatus - report on current Samba connections


       smbstatus [-d] [-s configuration file ]


       This program is part of the Samba suite.

       smbstatus  is  a  very  simple program to list the current
       Samba connections

       Just run the program and the output is  self  explanatory.
       You  can  offer  a  configuration filename to override the
       default. The default is CONFIGFILE from the Makefile.

       Option -d gives verbose output.


       Not applicable.


       The location of the server and its support files is a mat-
       ter  for  individual  system administrators. The following
       are thus suggestions only.

       It is recommended that the smbstatus program be  installed
       under the /usr/local hierarchy, in a directory readable by
       all, writeable only by root. The program itself should  be
       executable by all.


       This  man  page  is (mostly) correct for version 1.9.00 of
       the Samba suite, plus some of the recent  patches  to  it.
       These notes will necessarily lag behind development of the
       software, so it is possible that your version of the  pro-
       gram  has  extensions  or  parameter semantics that differ
       from or are not covered by this man  page.  Please  notify
       these to the address below for rectification.


       smb_conf(5), smbd(8)

       See  smb_conf(5)  for  a  full  list  of  contributors and
       details on how to submit bug reports, comments etc.



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