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Man Page for SMBTAR


       smbtar  -  shell script for backing up SMB shares directly
       to UNIX tape drive


       smbtar -s server [ -p password ] [ -x service ] [ -u  user
       ] [ -t tape ] [ -b blocksize ] [ -n filename ] [ -i ] [ -r
       ] [ -l ]


       This program is an extension to the Samba suite.

       smbtar is a very small shell script on top  of  smbclient,
       which dumps SMB shares directly to tape.


       -s server
          The PC that the share resides upon.

       -x service
          The  share  name  on  the  PC  to  connect to. Default:

       -p password

          The password to use to access a share. Default: none

       -u user
          The user id to connect as. Default: UNIX login name.

       -t tape
          Tape device.  May  be  regular  file  or  tape  device.
          Default:  Tape  environmental  variable;  if not set, a
          file called tar.out.

       -b blocksize
          Blocking factor. Defaults  to  20.  See  tar(1)  for  a
          fuller explanation.

       -n filename
          Backup  only  files  newer than filename. Could be used
          (for example) on a log file  to  implement  incremental
          backups. This flag should not be used with the -i flag,
          the results may not be sensible.

          Incremental mode; tar files are only backed up if  they
          have  the  archive  bit  set.  The archive bit is reset
          after each file is read.  This flag should not be  used
          with the -n flag, the results may not be sensible.

          Restore.  Files  are restored to the share from the tar

          Debug level. Corresponds to -d flag on smbclient(1).


       The TAPE variable specifies the  default  tape  device  to
       write to. May be overidden with the -t option.


       The  shell  script  has  only been tested under solaris 2.
       It's not very portable and should probably  be  customized
       to a particular site's setup.


       Sites  that  are  more careful about security may not like
       the way  the  script  handles  PC  passwords.  Backup  and
       restore  work on entire shares, should work on file lists.


       This man page is correct for version 1.9.02 of  the  Samba


       smbclient (8), smb_conf (8)


       See diagnostics for smbclient command.


       The  original  Samba  software  and related utilities were
       created by Andrew  Tridgell  (Andrew.).
       Andrew  is also the Keeper of the Source for this project.

       Ricky Poulten () wrote the tar exten-
       sion and this man page.

       See  smb_conf  (5)  for  a  full  list of contributors and
       details of how to submit bug reports, comments etc.

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