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Man Page for TAC


       tac - concatenate and print files in reverse


       tac  [-br]  [-s separator] [--before] [--regex] [--separa-
       tor=separator] [--help] [--version] [file...]


       This manual page documents the GNU version  of  tac.   tac
       copies  each given file, or the standard input if none are
       given or when a file name of `-' is  encountered,  to  the
       standard  output  with  the order of the records reversed.
       The records are separated by instances of a string,  or  a
       newline  if  none  is  given.   By  default, the separator
       string is attached to the end of the record that  it  fol-
       lows in the file.

       -b, --before
              The  separator  is attached to the beginning of the
              record that it precedes in the file.

       -r, --regex
              The separator is a regular expression.

       -s string, --separator=string
              Use string as the record separator.

       --help Print a usage message and exit with a  status  code
              indicating success.

              Print  version  information on standard output then



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