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Man Page for TEE


       tee  - read from standard input and write to standard out-
       put and files


       tee  [-ai]   [--append]   [--ignore-interrupts]   [--help]
       [--version] [file...]


       This  manual  page  documents the GNU version of tee.  The
       tee command copies the standard input to the standard out-
       put and any files given as arguments.

       If  a  file being written to does not already exist, it is
       created.  If a file being written to already  exists,  the
       data  it previously contained is overwritten unless the -a
       option is used.

       -a, --append
              Append the standard input to the given files rather
              than overwriting them.

       --help Print  a  usage message on standard output and exit

       -i, --ignore-interrupts
              Ignore interrupt signals.

              Print version information on standard  output  then
              exit successfully.



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