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Man Page for TESTPRNS


       testprns - check printer name for validity with smbd


       testprns printername [ printcapname ]


       This program is part of the Samba suite.

       testprns  is  a  very  simple  test  program  to determine
       whether a given printer name is valid for use in a service
       to be provided by smbd.

       "Valid"  in this context means "can be found in the print-
       cap specified". This program is very stupid - so stupid in
       fact  that it would be wisest to always specify the print-
       cap file to use.



          The printer name to validate.

          Printer names are taken from the first  field  in  each
          record  in  the printcap file, single printer names and
          sets of aliases separated by vertical  bars  ("|")  are
          recognised.  Note that no validation or checking of the
          printcap syntax is done beyond that required to extract
          the  printer  name.  It  may be that the print spooling
          system is more forgiving or less forgiving  than  test-
          prns  however  if  testprns finds the printer then smbd
          should do as well.


          This is the name of the printcap file to search for the
          given printer name in.

          If no printcap name is specified, testprns will attempt
          to scan the printcap file  specified  at  compile  time


          This  is usually the default printcap file to scan. See


       Not applicable.


       The location of the server and  its  support  files  is  a
       matter for individual system administrators. The following
       are thus suggestions only.

       It is recommended that the testprns program  be  installed
       under the /usr/local hierarchy, in a directory readable by
       all, writeable only by root. The program  should  be  exe-
       cutable  by all.  The program should NOT be setuid or set-


       This man page is (mostly) correct for  version  1.9.00  of
       the  Samba  suite,  plus some of the recent patches to it.
       These notes will necessarily lag behind development of the
       software,  so it is possible that your version of the pro-
       gram has extensions or  parameter  semantics  that  differ
       from  or  are  not covered by this man page. Please notify
       these to the address below for rectification.


       printcap(5), smbd(8), smbclient(1)


       If a printer is found to be valid,  the  message  "Printer
       name <printername> is valid" will be displayed.

       If  a printer is found to be invalid, the message "Printer
       name <printername> is not valid" will be displayed.

       All messages that would normally be logged  during  opera-
       tion  of  smbd  are  logged  by  this  program to the file
       test.log in the current directory.  The  program  runs  at
       debuglevel  3,  so  quite extensive logging information is
       written. The log should be checked  carefully  for  errors
       and warnings.

       Other messages are self-explanatory.


       None known.


       The  original  Samba  software  and related utilities were
       created by Andrew  Tridgell  (Andrew.).
       Andrew  is also the Keeper of the Source for this project.

       The testprns program and this man  page  were  written  by
       Karl Auer (Karl.)

       See  samba(7)  for a full list of contributors and details
       of how to submit bug reports, comments etc.



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