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Man Page for TIMETOOL


       timetool - get time from a time server (and optionally set
       local time)


       timetool [-h <hostname>] [-p <port>] -v|-s


       timetool communicates with an Internet  time  server  host
       using BSD Internet Stream Sockets.  It obtains the current
       system time of the server's system clock time  as  a  long
       int  in  units  of  seconds since the Epoch (end of 1969).
       Normally the time server is a system that  synchronizes  to
       Master Clock time.

       timetool  is  designed  to  be used with timesrv, the host
       time server's program spawned by inetd.  By default, time-
       tool  connects  to  port  22375 on the U.S. Naval Observa-
       tory's machine "tick.usno.navy.mil". If your system is  in
       multiuser  mode,  before  setting  your  system clock with
       timetool you might want to kill /etc/cron, and restart  it
       after  setting  local system time.   The shell script SET-
       TIME automates this process and can be safely run  from  a
       cronfile.    Be  aware  that  some  systems  have  trouble
       restarting cron and you should test SETTIME before  adding
       it to your cronfile.


            # compare your system clock with time server "foo.bar.com"
            timetool -h foo.bar.com -v

            # synchronize your system clock with time server "foo.bar.com"
            timetool -h foo.bar.com -s


       timetool was written by Ready-to-Run Software, Inc. 1995


       timesrv(1), timetool(1), time(2), stime(2).

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