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Vim is Charityware. You can copy it as much as you like.

Vim is public domain. If you are happy with Vim and want to express that,
don't send me money. I don't need it. But I know a place where they do need
your money. Please read on.

Summer 1993 I spent one month in Uganda with a Dutch team. I was very
impressed with what I experienced there. Together with local people we built a
nursery School in Kibaale. In only three weeks from nothing to a roofed

Kibaale is a small town in the south of Uganda. It is an area that is suffering
from AIDS very badly. About 30% of the adults are infected. Because parents
die, there are many orphans. They need a lot of help. The Kibaale children
centre is working hard to provide the needy with food, medical care and
education. Food and medical care to keep them healthy now, and education so
that they can take care of themselves in the future. This is the best charity
program I have ever encountered.

The key to solving the problems in this area is education. This has been
neglected in the past years with president Idi Amin and the following civil
wars. Now that the government is stable again the people have to learn how to
take care of themselves and how to avoid infections. There is also help for
people who are ill and hungry, but the primary goal is to prevent people from
getting ill and learn them how to grow their own crops.

I was impressed by the progress that is being made there. The work is very
well organized. Every dollar is spent on something useful. Our team brought
about $2000. For that money we were able to built most of a two classroom
nursery School They have further plans to build a primary School and houses
for the teachers. They also need money for books and other teaching materials.

If you want to support the Kibaale children centre, please send a contribution.

How do you know that the money will be spent right? First of all you have my
personal guarantee as the author of Vim. Further the project is co-sponsored
and inspected by World Vision, Save the Children Fund and International Child
Care Fund. I will work for the project as a volunteer from September 1994 to
August 1995.

If you have any further questions, send me e-mail: .

The director of the project is:
Sekaran Vellasamy
p.o. box 1658
Masaka, Uganda, East Africa

Transfering money from Holland:
Use one of my accounts:
Rabobank Venlo, nr. 3765.05.117
Postbank, nr. 1644503

Transferring money from Europe:
To avoid banking costs the best thing is to send me a Eurocheque, written out
to "Bram Moolenaar" in Dutch Guilders (fl). But any other method should work.

Transferring money from USA:
Send me a check that can be cashed in Holland. Any "standard" banking check
should be OK. Please consider adding $10 for banking costs.

My address: Bram Moolenaar
	    Kibaale Donation
            Molenstraat 2
            2162 HP  Lisse
            The Netherlands. 

Or you can transfer the money directly to the director of the project:

Citibank, N.A.
a/c no. 36059709
Global Clearance Services
111 Wall Street 16th floor
New York 10043

Beneficiary Mr. Sekaran Vellasamy a/c no. 2100, Gold Trust Bank LTD - Kampala

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