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 ZIPCODE(1)                                                       ZIPCODE(1)
                               October 1, 1992


Look up zipcodes and/or cities


zipcode zipcode city city [state]


zipcode is a perl script which examines a list of zipcodes and returns the city and state which matches the requested zipcode. city is a shell script which takes a city name and optional state abbreviation and returns a list of zipcodes, cities and states which match the requested city (and state if specified). zipcode and city both return "No Match!" when there are no matching entries.


The command: zipcode 14851 returns: Ithaca, NY The command: city littleton returns: 01460:Littleton, MA 03561:Littleton, NH 26581:Littleton, WV 27850:Littleton, NC 61452:Littleton, IL 80120-80127:Littleton, CO 80160-80162:Littleton, CO 80165-80166:Littleton, CO The command: city littleton nc returns: 27850:Littleton, NC The command: zipcode 14849 or city foosville returns: No Match!


//////////////////////////////////////////////////// /usr/STAGE/slib/zipcode/zipcode.txt the zipcode database


The USPS is constantly updating the list of zipcodes so there are bound to be some missing/changed codes since this list was issued.


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