Ready-to-Run Software , Inc. is proud to be an active member of the . The following is a sampling of other group members.

Ready-to-Run Software

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc. is the industry’s leading provider of cross-platform software services.

Appropriate Solutions, Inc.

Credit card processing software for the mail order/direct marketing industry.

Keene Systems, Inc.

Web Marketing and Web Applications built with Microsoft .Net technologies.

Ringwood Software, Inc.

Putting documentation on your intranet or Website?  Don't just make it available. Make it usable.

Alexander LAN, Inc.

Automated Blue Screen / Abend Crash Recovery and Diagnostic Software

Savant Seminar Management, LLC / Savant Software, Inc. 

Software Project Management Seminars - Helping companies deliver software projects on time, on budget and on spec.  High Quality Software development from Savant Software.

DAGNet Solutions, Inc.

A full service Internet technology and software development firm.

    We specialize in providing businesses software solutions to their growing e-commerce and web-marketing needs. DAGNet Solutions, Inc. is in the business of providing high-value software and Internet consulting. David Gamache, president of DAGNet Solutions, Inc. specializes in Microsoft Component Object Model (COM+) software design.  The company consults on software projects that range from Web Design and Microsoft application COM+ development to mission-critical medical embedded systems development.

    Global Content Manager - DAGNet Solution's cost-effective, easy-to-use content management application gives your company's "non-techie" employees the power to create and maintain great-looking web pages on your corporate web site. It is a feature-rich, secure tool that let's you update your website anytime you want, from any computer connected to the Internet.

    DAGNet Solutions, Inc. can also design, build and host your website.

Wolf Rock Corp.

Innovative Technology, Management Consulting, Engineering and Research 

Daat Research Corp.

Coolit is the leading CFD software for electronics

KyTek, Inc.

QuarkXPress Page Layout Automation and XML XTensions

ISRG, Inc.

Helping organizations manage information and empowering people to perform business processes.

ManageSoft Corporation

Software management and deployment solutions for global organizations.

Sunrise Labs, Inc.

World-Class Product Design and Development

    Sunrise Labs is a world-class product design and development company providing comprehensive engineering services to both emerging and established companies of all sizes throughout the world. We specialize in developing complete products requiring embedded systems , analog and digital design, user interface design, and project management for companies that deliver solutions to industrial, medical, and consumer markets. Our extensive product development life cycle services include: Project Management, Conceptual Product Design, Complete System Design, Hardware/Firmware Design & Development, Software Design & Development, User Interface Design & Development, Prototype Fabrication & Test, Regulatory & FDA Approvals, Product Commercialization Manufacturing Transition & Support.  With a world-class combination of talent, diversity, and ingenuity, we are ready and eager to add you to our list of satisfied clients. Let us demonstrate for you the value of a product development partnership with Sunrise Labs.

Campagne Associates, Ltd.

Fundraising Software Solutions

Alternative System Concepts, Inc.

HDL Translators for the Electronic Design Automation Market

Molecular Knowledge Systems, Inc.

"Designing Better Chemical Products"
Computer Software for Physical Property Estimation and Molecular Designs

Transparent Language

Revolutionary Language Learning Solutions

Creative Optics, Inc.

Engineering Solutions That Work (TM)

Applied 3D Science, Inc.

Serious CAD Software for Industrial Strength Tasks

Caribbean WebCams, LLC

The World's First Permanent Underwater Reef Camera

    Caribbean WebCams (CWC) specializes in Web Camera (WebCam) installations in the Caribbean, both underwater and above, and is the first company in the world to install and operate a permanent underwater reef camera - the Bonaire ReefCam. Combining custom made equipment, stock electronics, special software, and extensive know-how, CWC can develop a WebCam system to suit any need, with a focus on tourism related WebCam efforts.  CWC's first installation of a comprehensive above and underwater WebCam and Web weather monitoring system has been completed on the island of Bonaire, in the Dutch Caribbean, and the results can be seen at  Caribbean WebCams, LLC, is a joint venture between Amaranth Networks, Inc. and Stroke of Color, Inc., and our goal is to become the premiere provider and installer of Web Camera services in the Caribbean.

Aptitune Corporation

UNIX Performance Analysis and Tuning Tool for Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and SCO Systems

Northwoods Software Corp.

Application development products for visual scripting and ACT! Add-ons

The Ripple Factory 

Palm PDA Software to Track the Events in Your Life

    The Ripple Factory produces commercial and custom software for the Palm OS with an aim of helping to make a positive difference in the lives of our users and those around them. Another way we try to generate positive ripples is by donating 10% of our revenues to children’s charities. Our products integrate with and compliment the Palm Date Book calendar and other standard tools to give you more options to organize, use and share your holiday and event information.
    HoliDates lets you view public and religious holidays from 2003 – 2007 on your PDA in a list or to easily add them to your Datebook. Plan meetings and vacations more easily. Increase your awareness of the holidays of others. GreatDates makes it easy to use your Palm device for tracking all sorts of annual, monthly, weekly and one time events in your life. Use the categories to help organize them. See upcoming events as a list within GreatDates, add them to Date Book or export them to a memo.
    The Ripple Factory also does custom Palm Programming. Companies and organizations can order a customized version of HoliDates with their holiday and event info added for distribution to their employees, customers or even resold as a fund raiser. If you need a custom Palm Application developed to round out your corporate communication infrastructure, please . We have a Palm Developer for you.

Parker Hill Technology

"Versatility with focus. We help. You win."

Superior Methods

The Power to Control Your Environment

    Superior Methods offers a suite of products and services based upon SpatialMeshTM, a proprietary, core technology, which, once installed, becomes the foundation for a whole new suite of solutions for productivity, safety, security and quality of life.

    Using our wireless SmartChips you can locate, interact, and communicate with everyone and everything in your facility for as little as $0.23 a ft2.  Our SafeSentinelTM Security Product is fully compatible with SmartCard and RFID based badge systems, yet for less than half the cost you get a whole range of features that no other security system can deliver. Features such as dynamic physical and network security, instant secured areas, real-time group classification vetting, All-Eyes Secure presentation and network access and automatic security audits.

    Our Technology also provides a level of safety no one else can offer.  In an emergency it can locate everyone who needs assistance, and directs emergency professionals, connected directly into out network, right to them. Our educational version, SafeBorder, adds featured that insures that your kids are safe and where they are should be, and that authorities are instantly notified if anyone tries to see that they are not.

    We also offer environmental management products to lower your utility bills and EvacUSim, a emergency planning system that can model the evacuation in any circumstance from a bomb threat to a natural disaster. Other innovative applications of the SpatialMesh technology include; retail tracking, applications, prison security, Nursing Home patient location, HazMat tracking, and Asset Management and Theft Prevention.

    For more information, please call us at 800.852.1497 (GMT -5) or send  .

Inner Media, Inc.

Zip-compatible Data Compression Toolkits & Components

    Inner Media, Inc. is the publisher of the world's leading Zip-compatible data compression toolkits and data compression components.

    SqueezePlay(tm), Real-time web compressor. Double your bandwidth utilization by shrinking outgoing web server content to half its size. For servers equipped with Microsoft IIS, version 4 and higher.

    dynaZip(tm), Zip Compression for Developers. Compress data royalty-free under the control of your own programs. Zip, G-Zip, and Tar formats all supported. DynaZip is the industry standard, with millions of copies in use every day.

    ActiveDelivery(tm), Self-Extracting Zip Files for Developers. Add royalty-free self-extracting zip file creation power to your programs and web sites. Great for content creation and downloading with ASP capable pages.

    CollageComplete(tm), Screen Capture and Image Handling. The publishing professional's choice for over 15 years. Manage image formats, grab elusive screens, drop-down menus, and web pages. Full WYSIWYG previews.

    Inner Media now has .Net data compression toolkits. We ported our entire product line to the .Net platform while retaining the blazing speed that you've come to expect of a great zip compatible toolkit.