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Microsoft .NET Passport and Single-Sign On (SSO) Authentication

Microsoft .NET Passport is a Web-based service that provides single sign-on authentication across the Internet. This service allows users to apply a single mechanism for identifying who they are to participating websites thereby streamlining the user experience and offering such capabilities as fast purchasing and account access without re-entry of repetitive data. The websites that are .NET Passport-enabled will share in the benefit of the large pool of users that have Passport IDs while obtaining increased assurance that proper identification has been achieved. For more information about .NET Passport, visit

Under an agreement with Microsoft, Ready-to-Run Software (RTR) supplied engineering services to advance the cross-platform interoperability of the .NET Passport service. This work extended .NET Passport to allow it to operate within non-Windows configurations such as Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux. In addition, RTR has been the primary System Integrator assisting companies with implementation of the Passport Manager in both Windows and non-Windows environments.

Please note: If you are an end user of Passport, trying to obtain a hotmail or msn account, Ready-to-Run Software is unable to provide support for your issues. You may refer to the Microsoft Passport Network for additional information or MSN or HotMail.

If you are actively considering incorporating digital identity services into your website, now is the time to contact RTR. The following list delineates related services:

  • Implementation of .NET Passport into your site (both IIS, non-IIS-based web servers) -- read an implementation case study

  • System integration of .NET Passport and/or Single-Sign On Authentication into your Web Services strategy directly addressing issues of security, encryption, PKI and other key components

  • Integration of .NET Passport and digital identity to non-Windows environments (e.g. J2EE web application) using foundation software created by RTR

  • Toolkit availability for broader digital id services


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