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Automating Student Interaction

Today's student are leaders in the consumption and use of advanced technology. It is no longer acceptable to interact with this tech-savvy population using traditional methods. For example, the use of web-based services is becoming an expectation that must be met in order to conduct business with students and their parents. Companies and organizations (loan associations, banks, universities & colleges, etc.) that cater to this market segment must address this fundamental change in doing business or risk losing business.

Ready-to-Run Software is becoming increasingly active in the area of student transaction automation, i.e. how do you proactively reach and automatically interact with students and their parents and do so in a manner that is secure, reliable and compliant with existing regulations and standards? Using our experience in software services, RTR is helping to build the foundation and structure needed to support this market.

For an example of our work in this area, refer to the Microsoft case study describing recent project completed for our client, Panhandle-Plains Student Loan Center.

Some of the important issues that RTR can help solve include:

  • eSignature Implementation for Student Loans

  • User Authentication, Certification, and Authorization for Student Transactions
    Including Private Loan Processing

  • Single Sign-On Authentication

  • Social Security Number Privacy Implementation

  • Integration with credit service providers such as Experian for
    On-Line Credit Servicing (e.g. Custom Strategist and Net Connect)

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