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Need Help Deploying On-Line Credit Services?

Ready-to-Run Software can assist you in building robust software solutions that will integrate with sophisticated, web-based credit tools from leading credit service providers.

Whatever the industry (banking, collections, consumer products, retail, automotive, lending institutions or small business), most companies need timely and accurate access to credit data in order to support their core operation and improve customer service levels.

Optimizing your credit processing and decision making in a competitive environment is just one of the benefits of integrating credit service technology and tools into your business. RTR is a certified vendor of the latest tools from Experian including Net Connect and Custom Strategist:

  • Net Connect is a protocol-based access method to a host of various credit services (e.g. on-line credit reports).

  • Custom Strategist is a powerful, customizable decision support service that allows credit grantors to implement their own credit approval and pre-approval strategies, eliminating the need for accepting the credit score from the service bureau at face value and also dramatically minimizing the amount of human intervention in the approval process.

RTR related software services include:

To learn more how RTR has helped companies and organizations, such as yours, to leverage the power of on-line processing, please refer to the case study developed by Microsoft detailing the implementation services at Panhandle-Plains Student Loan Center (PPSLC). Recently, RTR has extended PPSLC capabilities to include on-line credit processing of loan applications.

For additional information, contact RTR TODAY on how you can begin to reap the benefits of on-line credit services.

Experian, Net Connect and Custom Strategist are service marks and registered trademarks of Experian.


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