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Ready-to-Run Software: Porting Center - The Software Porting Authority.

Are You Considering A Change?

Since 1991, one of the core RTR business elements has been the migration of software applications and databases. We help our clients transform their business. Let us help your company change for the better!



Ready-to-Run offers the following professional services centered in software migration and porting:  

  • Software Engineering  Engineering services for porting, migration and co-existence of applications and databases onto multiple hardware platforms, operating environments and technologies (e.g. 32-bit migration to 64-bit); contact RTR for migration of your Alpha Tru64 and OpenVMS solutions or to guide your upgrade to IA-64.

  • Maintenance Engineering - Sustaining engineering of your products or cross-platform releases while your internal staff is focused on defined platform maintenance that is central to your core competency or on the development of next-generation products.


  • Product Technical Support - Level 2 support to your internal staff and service reps or Level 1 support direct to end users; fully trained to address various platform, O/S, configuration and technology issues which might be unfamiliar to your internal support staff.

  • Quality Assurance & Reliability Superior quality and reliability Ready-to-Run Software: Porting Center - The Software Porting Authority.testing with special emphasis and skill on the characterization and discovery of the symptoms and effects related to platform, O/S and technology

How We Can Help?

RTR has become the established choice of companies who are looking for expertise in cross-platform migration and software porting. RTR offers continuing life support beyond initial delivery (sustaining engineering, technical support, end-of-life support) so product and engineering groups can focus on new products, technologies and architectures.

RTR is your business partner with demonstrated experience in IT services and a proven history of delivery and quality. This experience and success translates into increased market share by direct improvement in capacity management, time-to-market/deployment, or protection of your current investment. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

RTR is experienced in many different operating environments. For example, some of the platforms that we have worked with include IBM AIX, IBM S/390, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Dec Alpha Tru64 Unix, SGI IRIX, Intel Linux, Intel BSD, Windows 9x/NT, Windows 2000.

Ready-to-Run Software: If you need professional software portning we can help.




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