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Technical Support & Maintenance Engineering Services

Most companies realize that significant savings and incredible leverage can be achieved by focusing their valuable resources on core competency requirements. Overall, this is particularly true in the case of knowledge workers and intellectual property. This elementary principle has begun to drive outsourcing to unprecedented levels across the board whether it is outsourced data center infrastructure, human resource processing or software engineering services.

Over and over, companies are grappling with the core question: "What business are we in?" to help determine the areas where outsourcing can help. And, as a result, when companies find out the answer to that question they realize that, within software engineering and IT in general, two areas are emerging as primary outsourcing candidates: Technical Support and Maintenance Engineering. These areas, along with call center support are frequently typified by high employee turnover and lower skill level while, most often, falling outside of core competency need.

Companies such as RTR can offer an alternative. The reasoning is elementary to understanding how outsourcing leverages economies of scale and scope. With respect to cross-platform products or old releases on multiple platforms, RTR can truly result in savings for your organization while improving overall handling.

Find out how RTR can help you with your software maintenance and support needs.


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