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UNIX Software

For many years, Ready-to-Run Software has sold packaged binary and source collections of publicly available software (with support included). As we continue to focus our efforts on our growing Professional Services organization, we are now providing many of the packages previously available in our ReadyPaks for free download (without any warranty or support). We encourage you to download, use and enjoy these packages.

Please click here to download ReadyPaks at no charge.

Please contact our if you need alternate platforms, alternate versions, other packages, customizations or support.

About ReadyPaks:

A ReadyPak is a suite of popular, up to date, publicly available UNIX programs that are ready-to-run on your machine -- we've done all the work of finding them and building them for you!

 ReadyPaks for most popular UNIX environments

UNIX environments tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and this can cause headaches when trying to achieve uniform results across a range of machines. Each ReadyPak is available for a variety of UNIX systems, ensuring consistent performance across environments.

Smart Installation System

We've designed a "Smart Installation System" (SIS) to manage the installation process, allowing you to quickly select which programs to install and where to install them, with a cross-reference utility to resolve the typical problem of "to run program A, you need program B". The SIS also coordinates sharing of many machine-independent files across network platforms to allow the most efficient use of valuable disk space.

With each ReadyPak, Ready-to-Run Software provides you with software ready-to-run immediately for much less than you'd pay to acquire the same software in non-executable form from a bulletin board. And for only a fraction of what you'd pay for most of the commercial software available!

ReadyPaks are currently available for the following platforms:

  • Sun SPARC, Solaris 2.7
  • IBM RISC System/6000, AIX 5.1
  • HP 9000 Series 700 and 800 HP/UX 11.x
  • DEC Alpha, OSF/1 - Digital UNIX

Our ReadyPaks:

ReadyPaks for Unix
ReadyPaks for Windows
GNUplot for Sarcheck Users is now available from Aptitune.


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