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Web Services/SOA: Open Standards Drive Innovation

Industry analysts agree that Web Services/SOA technology represents the 4th generation of the Internet revolution. In simplistic form, the genealogy of the Internet is the following: 1st generation was static pages, 2nd dynamic pages, 3rd personalized pages and now Web Services/SOA brings the next wave of promise: interoperable, dynamic interaction between applications without intervention and with built-in support for virtually all computing devices. By itself, however, the movement to Web Services/SOA is evolutionary in nature and brings society a step closer to ubiquitous, anywhere computing.

Web Services/SOA have been defined in many ways. According to Sun Microsystems, "Web Services/SOA are self-describing applications that can discover and engage other Web applications to complete complex tasks over the Internet". These applications or "services" interact through a standard interface, XML (eXtensible Markup Language). In reality, Web Services/SOA are being built on a stack of emerging, complementary standards that describe the service-oriented architecture.

The Web Services/SOA Technology Stack
(Source: The Stencil Group)

RTR recognizes this shift in computing paradigm and is prepared to help your company make the transition. In particular, RTR is investing in products and toolkits that will offer fundamental Web Service foundation layer services. For example, many are beginning to recognize that there is a need for an abstraction layer between the low-level XML & SOAP code and the user or developer in order to eliminate the tedious task involved. That is an area of intense examination by RTR as we look at the issue of cross-platform requirements for foundation services.

An example of RTR competency in these fundamental Web Service layers is Microsoft .NET Passport. RTR, under an exclusive agreement with Microsoft, provided engineering services to create the early versions of the .NET Passport Manager for non-Windows. .NET Passport is the Microsoft single sign-on (SSO), also sometimes referred to as single sign in (SSI) user identification and authentication service.

  • Are you looking for ways to invest in Web Services/SOA but unsure if you will see measurable results?

  • Are you afraid of spending your development budget without getting a reasonable return-on-investment?

    For examples of how companies are realizing ROI today, click here.

Contact RTR for information on how your company can leverage Web Services/SOA. As part of the initial RTR services, our staff will provide a no obligation, no charge analysis helping you to identify opportunity areas where Web Services/SOA can save your firm money. And if appropriate, based on the type of project, we will allow you to choose a savings-based model of payment, i.e. RTR is paid a portion of the money that you save and, thereby, eliminate your risk of incurring cost without benefit.  

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