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Company Background & History

Headquartered in Lansing, New York, Ready-to-Run Software was established in June 1991.   The company was formulated based on the premise and the recognition that many companies spend a tremendous amount of their resources in software development and support activities in general.  More specifically, however, many of these activities are focused on the transformation of existing applications, tools and data to allow execution in another computing environment, to improve performance or to implementation a cross-platform solution.  Very often, this level of software engineering and implementation work may be non-developmental or may even be re-constructive in nature taking away from mainstream efforts.  However, companies readily acknowledge that these activities, although often costly and tedious, are critical to their overall global strategy and, in fact, also realize that these plans cannot be achieved without the execution of this type of work.   Ready-to-Run Software, Inc. (RTR) was founded to directly fill the need for cross-platform services.  In particular, we are experts in software porting, optimizing existing code and related cross-platform development & support.  

Historically, Ready-to-Run Software was started by building and packaging the popular ReadyPak® products, first shipped in 1991.   A ReadyPak® is a suite of established, up-to-date and publicly available, open-source programs which have been collected, built, tested and packaged into a kit form such that these programs are  “ready-to-run” on a target platform.   The ReadyPak® products are still widely used & distributed and are available for free download from Ready-to-Run Software even today. 

In 1992, Ready-to-Run Software signed its first contract with the technology publication firm, O’Reilly & Associates, to port and support 107 programs running on 7 platforms.  This engineering work resulted in the delivery of the CD-ROM that accompanied the popular book “UNIX Power Tools1”.   Subsequently, O’Reilly & Associates engaged Ready-to-Run Software to port and support 131 programs on 6 platforms in order to prepare the CD-ROM for the publication “X User Tools2”.  

Since that time, in order to provide porting services, Ready-to-Run has established an extensive data center with an array of equipment and hardware including hundreds of available versions of software operating platforms. The Porting Center provides a heterogeneous network of systems that are fully maintained and monitored with extensive security and back-up tools and procedures.  Today, customers contract the time and resources of The Porting Center in order to avoid the costly investment in a myriad of equipment and software.   Ready-to-Run consulting services are also available to offer expertise to Porting Center customers who have questions about porting.

Over the years, Ready-to-Run Software has become the leader in cross-platform software service, software porting and improving existing software while offering extensive implementation and back-end support services to dozens of companies ranging from large multi-national, Fortune 500 firms to regional service and technology companies.   

ReadyPak® is a registered trademark of Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.

 1UNIX Power Tools, O’Reilly & Associates, Bantam Books,  ISBN: 0-553-35402-7 
X User Tools, O’Reilly & Associates, Thomson Learning, ISBN: 1-565-92019-8



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