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Windows Software

Like our UNIX ReadyPaks, our Windows ReadyPaks are suites of popular, up to date, publicly available UNIX programs that are ready-to-run on your machine -- we've done all the work of finding them, porting them to Windows and building them for you!

With each ReadyPak, Ready-to-Run Software provides you with software ready-to-run immediately at no charge.

Click here to begin downloading your Windows ReadyPak.

Please contact our if you need alternate platforms, alternate versions, other packages, customizations or support.

Our ReadyPaks For Windows currently include the following:

a2ps gawk sed
bash grep shellutils
bzip2 gzip strings
diff less tar
dltd make tcl/tk
emacs patch textutils
file perl timetool
fileutils rcp vim
findutils rcs  
flex rsh  

ReadyPak Windows FAQ

ReadyPak Windows Documentation

Unix ReadyPaks are currently available for the following platforms:

  • Sun SPARC, Solaris 2.7
  • IBM RISC System/6000, AIX 5.1
  • HP 9000 Series 700 and 800 HP/UX 11.x
  • DEC Alpha, OSF/1 - Digital UNIX



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