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Super ReadyPak

Welcome to Ready-to-Run Software's Super ReadyPak (tm) for Windows (tm).

We have selected classic UNIX tools, including the emacs editor, bash, sed, awk, vi, perl, tcltk and over 100 other applications and made them available to you for your Windows platforms. We have also provided connectivity tools to help you access your UNIX machines.

It is possible to use this software directly from the CD-ROM or by installing it on your system. Executables are located in the windows\bin directory. You can also simply insert the CD and setup will begin automatically (with Windows/NT you must run setup manually).

You may want to check our web site http://www.rtr.com/winpak for late news and helpful hints.

We have also included some UNIX connectivity software. This connectivity includes the ability to access UNIX system file and print services, nameservers and browsing support, as well as implementing a simple ftp-like client. You can mount the CDROM on your UNIX system and run UNIX/INSTALL.CD. Supported UNIX systems include DEC Ultrix, Solaris (SPARC and Intel), DEC UNIX, HP-UX, SCO Unix (3.2v4 and OpenServer), DG-UX (MIPS and Intel), UnixWare, linux, SunOS and AIX.

Also included is our collection of SamplePaks for the various UNIX platforms we support. To install one of the SamplePaks please mount the cdrom on your UNIX system, copy the appropriate SAMPLE_platform.Z file found in the UNIX directory,then uncompress and untar the resulting files. The last step is to run ./RTR.

This CD is licensed for use on ONE machine. Be sure to read the attached license!

For online documentation please press here.

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