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Microsoft FrontPage

Providing Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions for:
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Code Name "Longhorn")
  • Microsoft Vista

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc -- Microsoft FrontPage Technical Support

Ready-to-Run Software is an authorized support provider for the Microsoft FrontPage Web Server Extensions for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.

Types of FrontPage Support:

Support Process and Terms & Conditions:

Ready-to-Run Software (RTR) will work with the customer to establish a baseline and definition for each Technical Support request. The following process definition, terms and conditions will apply:

During the initial e-mail contact, RTR Technical Support will work briefly with the customer to understand the specific support request in order to clearly define a bounded problem statement (support incident).

An incident is one single well-defined FrontPage inquiry, issue or problem. Additional problems needing resolution will be considered as separate and additional incidents. The objective of the RTR Technical Support staff will be to assist each customer with resolution of a single incident or bounded problem statement at a time, e.g. installation of the FrontPage Server Extensions on a single, target server.

After the initial and brief definition of the need/problem statement, the RTR Technical Support will notify the customer of current billing rates for Technical Support and, upon customer approval, will open an internal Technical Support Incident Log. Each incident will be billed at our current billing rate (see below). At any time, the customer may elect to terminate support or consultation for a given incident prior to resolution or completion. The specific Incident Log will be closed upon termination accordingly. In any event, the customer will be billed for the time applied by RTR staff on each incident in fifteen-minute (0.25 hour) increments, or for any portion of such an increment, with a one-hour minimum. This time will include all work including on-phone discussion, e-mail dialogue, background investigation and problem research, etc.

All Technical Support shall be billed via PayPal.  Exceptions may be made by the RTR Accounting Department for existing customers with established credit.

For additional FrontPage support information, please see our FrontPage FAQ page on the Ready-to-Run Web site.

Support Rates:

Standard rate of $245.00 per hour, one-hour minimum

email Support:   

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