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List of Man Pages for Perl

These are the man pages for Perl

  • a2p: awk to perl translator
  • perl: Practical Extraction and Report Lanugage
  • perlapi: Perl 5 application programming interface for C extensions
  • perlbook: Perl book information
  • perlbot: Bag'o Object Tricks for Perl5 (the BOT)
  • perlcall: Perl calling conventions from C
  • perldata: Perl data structures
  • perldebug: Perl debugging
  • perldiag: various Perl diagnostics
  • perlembed: how to embed perl in your C or C++ app
  • perlform: Perl formats
  • perlfunc: Perl builtin functions
  • perlguts: Perl's Internal Functions
  • perlipc: Perl interprocess communication
  • perlmod: Perl modules (packages)
  • perlobj: Perl objects
  • perlop: Perl operators and precedence
  • perlovl: Perl overloading semantics
  • perlpod: plain old documentation
  • perlre: Perl regular expressions
  • perlref: Perl references and nested data structures
  • perlrun: How to execute the Perl interpreter
  • perlsec: Perl security
  • perlstyle: Perl style guide
  • perlsub: Perl subroutines
  • perlsyn: Perl syntax
  • perltrap: Perl traps for the unwary
  • perlvar: Perl predefined variables
  • s2p: Sed to Perl translator



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