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Unix shells commonly provide several forms of redirection---ways to change the input source or output destination of a command. But one useful redirection is performed by a separate command, not by the shell; it's described here.

tee: Redirect output to multiple files

The tee command copies standard input to standard output and also to any files given as arguments. This is useful when you want not only to send some data down a pipe, but also to save a copy.


tee [ option ]... [ file ]...

If a file being written to does not already exist, it is created. If a file being written to already exists, the data it previously contained is overwritten unless the -a option is used.

The program accepts the following options. Also see section Common options.

-a - --append - -a - --append - Append standard input to the given files rather than overwriting them.
-i - --ignore-interrupts - -i - --ignore-interrupts - Ignore interrupt signals.



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