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Man Page for TESTPARM


       testparm  -  check an smbd configuration file for internal


       testparm [ configfilename [ hostname hostIP ] ]


       This program is part of the Samba suite.

       testparm is a very simple test program to  check  an  smbd
       configuration  file for internal correctness. If this pro-
       gram reports no problems, you can  use  the  configuration
       file  with confidence that smbd will successfully load the
       configuration file.

       Note that this is NOT a guarantee that the services speci-
       fied  in  the configuration file will be available or will
       operate as expected.

       If the optional host name and host IP address  are  speci-
       fied  on  the  command  line,  this  test program will run
       through the service entries reporting whether  the  speci-
       fied host has access to each service.



          This is the name of the configuration file to check.


          This is the name of the host to check access on.

          If  this  parameter  is  supplied, the hostIP parameter
          must also be supplied, or strange things may happen.


          This is the IP number of the host specified in the pre-
          vious parameter.

          This  number must be supplied if the hostname parameter
          is supplied, or strange things may happen.


          This is usually the name of the configuration file used
          by smbd.


       Not applicable.


       The location of the server and its support files is a mat-
       ter for individual system  administrators.  The  following
       are thus suggestions only.

       It  is  recommended that the testparm program be installed
       under the /usr/local hierarchy, in a directory readable by
       all,  writeable only by root. The program itself should be
       executable by all.  The program should NOT  be  setuid  or


       This  man  page  is (mostly) correct for version 1.9.00 of
       the Samba suite, plus some of the recent  patches  to  it.
       These notes will necessarily lag behind development of the
       software, so it is possible that your version of the  pro-
       gram  has  extensions  or  parameter semantics that differ
       from or are not covered by this man  page.  Please  notify
       these to the address below for rectification.


       smb_conf(5), smbd(8)


       The  program  will issue a message saying whether the con-
       figuration file loaded OK or not. This message may be pre-
       ceded  by errors and warnings if the file did not load. If
       the file was loaded OK, the program then dumps  all  known
       service details to stdout.

       If  a  host  name  is specified but no host IP number, all
       bets are off.

       Other messages are self-explanatory.


       None known.


       The original Samba software  and  related  utilities  were
       created  by  Andrew Tridgell (Andrew.).
       Andrew is also the Keeper of the Source for this  project.

       The  testparm  program  and  this man page were written by
       Karl Auer (Karl.)

       See samba(7) for a full list of contributors  and  details
       on how to submit bug reports, comments etc.



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