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Man Page for SAMBA


       Samba - a LanManager like fileserver for Unix




       The  Samba software suite is a collection of programs that
       implements the SMB protocol for unix systems. This  proto-
       col  is  sometimes  also  referred to as the LanManager or
       Netbios protocol.


       The Samba suite is made up  of  several  components.  Each
       component  is  described  in a separate manual page. It is
       strongly recommended that you read the documentation  that
       comes  with Samba and the manual pages of those components
       that you use. If the manual pages aren't clear enough then
       please send me a patch!

       The smbd(8) daemon provides the file and print services to
       SMB clents, such as Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT  or
       LanManager.  The  configuration  file  for  this daemon is
       described in smb_conf(5).

       The nmbd(8) daemon provides Netbios nameserving and brows-
       ing  support.  It  can  also be run interactively to query
       other name service daemons.

       The smbclient(1)  program  implements  a  simple  ftp-like
       client.  This  is useful for accessing SMB shares on other
       compatible servers (such as WfWg), and can also be used to
       allow a unix box to print to a printer attached to any SMB
       server (such as a PC running WfWg).

       The  testparm(1)  utility  allows   you   to   test   your
       smb_conf(5) configuration file.

       The  smbstatus(1)  utility  allows you to tell who is cur-
       rently using the smbd(8) server.


       The Samba software suite is licensed under the Gnu  Public
       License.  A copy of that license should have come with the
       package. You are encouraged to distribute  copies  of  the
       Samba suite, but please keep it intact.

       The  latest version of the Samba suite can be obtained via
       anonymous ftp  from  nimbus.anu.edu.au  in  the  directory
       pub/tridge/samba/.  It is also available on several mirror
       sites worldwide.

       You may also find useful information about  Samba  on  the
       newsgroup  comp.protocols.smb  and the Samba mailing list.
       Details on how to join the mailing list are given  in  the
       README file that comes with Samba.

       If  you  have  access to a WWW viewer (such as Netscape or
       Mosaic) then you will also find lots  of  useful  informa-
       tion,  including back issues of the Samba mailing list, at


       The main author of the Samba suite is Andrew Tridgell.  He
       may be contacted via e-mail at Andrew..

       There have also been an enourmous number  of  contributors
       to  Samba from all over the world. A partial list of these
       contributors is included in the CREDITS section below. The
       list  is, however, badly out of date. More up to date info
       may be obtained from the change-log that  comes  with  the
       Samba source code.


       If  you  wish  to  contribute to the Samba project, then I
       suggest you join the Samba mailing list.

       If you have patches to submit or bugs to report  then  you
       may  mail  them  directly  to  Andrew..
       Note, however, that due to  the  enourmous  popularity  of
       this  package  I  may  take some time to repond to mail. I
       prefer patches in "diff -u" format.


       Contributors to the project are (in alphabetical order  by
       email address):

       (NOTE: This list is very out of date)

        Adams, Graham
        Allison, Jeremy
        Andrus, Ross
        Auer, Karl
        Bogstad, Bill
        Boreham, Bryan
        Boreham, David

        Butler, Michael
        ???       ()
        Chua, Michael
        Cochran, Marc      ()
        Dey, Martin N
        Errath, Maximilian
        Fisher, Lee
        Foderaro, Sean
        Greer, Brad
        Griffith, Michael A
        Grosen, Mark
        Haapanen, Tom
        Hench, Mike      ()
        Horstman, Mark A
        Hudson, Tim
        Hulthen, Erik Magnus
        ???       ()
        Iversen, Per Steinar
        Kaara, Pasi
        Karman, Merik
        Kiff, Martin
        Kiick, Chris
        Kukulies, Christoph
        ???       ()
        Lendecke, Volker
        Mahoney, Paul Thomas
        Mauelshagen, Heinz
        Merrick, Barry G
        Mol, Marcel
        ???       ()
        ???       ()
        Owens, John
        Pierson, Jacques
        Powell, Mark
        Reiz, Steven
        Schlaeger, Joerg
        S{rkel{, Vesa
        Tridgell, Andrew
        Troyer, Dean
        Wakelin, Ross
        Wessels, Stefan
        Young, Ian A
        van der Zwan, Paul



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