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List of Man Pages for Shellutils

These are the GNU shell programming utilities:

  • basename: strip directory and suffix from filenames
  • date: print or set the system date and time
  • dirname: strip non-directory suffix from file name
  • echo: display a line of text
  • env: run a program in a modified environment
  • expr: evaluate expressions
  • false: returns a standard exit value
  • hostname: set or print the name of the current host system
  • logname: display user login name
  • pathchk: checks pathnames
  • printenv: print all or part of environment
  • printf: print formatted output
  • pwd: displays the pathname of the current (working) directory
  • sleep: suspends execution for a specified time
  • tee: read from standard input and write to standard output and files
  • test: check files types and compare values
  • true: do nothing, successfully
  • uname: print system information
  • whoami: print effective userid
  • yes: output a string repeatedly until killed



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